GetAResolution, LLC  is a registered real estate acquisition company that specializes in vacant land, lots, unwanted property, land and property facing a tax lien sale or in the redemption period following a tax lien sale, and various other types of real estate. We pride ourselves on providing quick and convenient solutions to your unique situation.

We recognize that in the majority of cases owners of land and lots will find it is impossible to obtain financial help through a mortgage or a loan. This is because mortgage companies and banks view land, lots, and properties not occupied by owners as a financial risk to their institutions, so they are given no consideration.

However, as a company that focuses on the property owner and not the land…We See You. Our goal is to help relieve the stress and any burden you have from owning the land or property – taxes, liens, maintenance costs, association fees – especially if you have no use for it. And we’ll put money in your pocket while we’re at it. We make each land and property sale and purchase a win-win situation.

GetAResolution, LLC purchases land and property throughout the United States. Our name is our commitment to you. We will help you Get A Resolution to your land and property woes wherever your location, however deep your burden. The process is simple from start to finish. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters…to you.